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Back-up Fire Resilience Service

Professional cover for crew sickness, emergency, temporary requirements or unforeseen circumstances.

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The Hendeca fire crew are all experienced fire fighters who are qualified to provide a specialist fire resilience service for all kinds of buildings, factories, events, airports or large industrial complexes.

Hendeca can supply you with a full fire service crew, including supervision, to provide complete peace of mind in temporary situations. We can supply fire cover to water treatment works, airports, festivals, exhibitions, chemical plants, recycling centres, and any high-risk locations. We are able to supply you with the appropriate level of fire cover you require from a single day to long term cover lasting several months where a full roster is implemented.

If your organisation runs their own on-site fire service, we can support them with cover for sickness or emergency due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please do call us or click here to send an enquiry and one of our professional crew will be in touch very quickly.

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