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Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace


Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Course Aim 

To enable delegates to identify and assist employees who may be suffering with poor mental health, initiate a change in stigma and culture, work within the legal guidelines to assist and share information on mental health and wellbeing to aid prevention.

Why is Hendeca’s mental health course different to others in the marketplace?

Based on the feedback that we have had on other courses, our content is more focused on common mental health illnesses and on the solutions and self-help techniques that aid prevention of these and ideas on how to promote mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

  • Core focus on common mental health illnesses and stress
  • Based on  ICD 10, ICD 11 and NICE recommendations used by NHS
  • On using a mental health action plan to support someone in crisis or need 
  • Offers information on the prevention of mental health issues and self-help techniques to help those with common mental health Issues
  • Shows how to promote and manage mental health and wellbeing in the workplace 

During the course we will cover:

  • Mental health in the workplace and the law
  • Recognising and understanding stress, anxiety and depression
  • Non-judgemental listening skills & confident conversations
  • Removing the stigma by creating a mental health aware workplace
  • Engaging someone to talk about their mental health who may be reluctant to do so
  • Recognising more complex mental health issues (psychosis, personality disorders, Bi-polar)
  • Supporting an employee who is off sick
  • Return to work and reasonable adjustments
  • Promoting wellbeing within the workplace
  • Self-care: Managing and maintaining your own mental health


  • To be able to recognise the possible signs and symptoms of a person that has mental ill-health or is suffering with stress 
  • To be able to understand mental health and its stigma 
  • To have the ability to use a mental health plan to help those in crisis or need 
  • To have the knowledge to be able to find external professional help and guidance
  • To understand the law in relation to mental health and the workplace 
  • To be able to identify best practice when helping someone to stay in work or return to work 
  • To gain an understanding of more complex mental health conditions 
  • To Promote well-being in the workplace and how you can become an ambassador for mental health and well-being 
  • To have the ability and confidence to be able to share Information on self-care to aid prevention to help others and yourself
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Duration: 2 days

In Person at Hendeca's Training Facility in Surrey

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Additional Student Price: £15.00
Class Size: 6
Duration: 2 days

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