• Delivering training & support services to reduce risk.
  • Ensuring business continuity and keeping people and property safe.

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The Hendeca Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surrey County Council.

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The Hendeca Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surrey County Council, which was formed in 2014 to offer businesses and institutions the same high-quality safety services that the council receive. 

Hendeca has built a strong reputation for delivering a robust, well prepared, fire contingency service; experienced and knowledgeable fire, health and safety consultancy assistance; and tailored, highly skilled training provisions and packages. All our deployment, consultancy and training staff are highly experienced and fully vetted fire fighters, either current or retired. They all utilise their deep knowledge and experience and rigorous training, which they have themselves undergone for many years. We are proud of the extremely high calibre of personnel that will be delighted to assist you in protecting your team and assets. 

These exceptional individuals are all committed to serve towards the same goal, to make the UK a safer place to live and work in.

Literally all profits generated from their services contribute to local council provision only.

We are proud of our public sector heritage and that our employees demonstrate expertise, passion, innovation and customer focus in everything they do.

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