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Roger Childs

The Hendeca Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surrey Country Council.

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With over 22 years experience within the UK fire and rescue service working across a wide range of departments. Serving 10 years on the front line at some of the busiest fire stations in the South East responding to a range of significant incidents.

Moving through the ranks I was responsible for leading a team in developing and implementing Business Continuity Management systems within Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and embedding this Business Continuity culture as a wider change management process. This work was recognised at the time by being one of only three FRS's in the UK to gain accreditation of the BSI 25999-2:2007 standard.

As a National Inter-Agency Liaison Officer (NILO) I have extensive knowledge and experience within the field of Counter Terrorism Security and multi agency working. I led the development of a specific Command, Control and Coordination (C3) structure in response to the challenges of the 2012 Olympic Games and the delivery of the cycling and Road Race events within Surrey.

Working as the Head of Training and Development I've been able to introduce a Systems Approach to Training commissioning model providing the highest quality training and attaining centre recognition by a number of awarding bodies including Skills for Justice, Edexcel, Outreach and the IFE.


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