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QA Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling


QA Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling

This qualification forms part of the QA Manual Handling suite of qualifications. The qualification and learning outcomes are based on the recommendations of:

  • National Occupational Standards (NOS) related to the manual handling of objects
  • Recommendations of good practice outlined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

This qualification outlines the reasons for safer manual handling, the legal requirements and the process of completing risk assessments to reduce the risk of harm. Learners will have the opportunity to practise safer manual handling principles when moving objects on their own, using equipment and as part of a team.

This qualification specification provides information for Centres about the delivery of the QA Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling and includes the unit information, assessment methods and quality assurance arrangements.


The objective of the qualification is to benefit Learners through developing their understanding of the principles of manual handling and providing them with the opportunity to practise and apply the principles of safer manual handling of objects so they can operate in a safer working environment.


The purpose of this qualification is to develop knowledge and skills relevant to manual handling.

Intended audience

This qualification is ideal for those who perform manual handling duties in the workplace, including industrial and office based environments. It is suitable:

  • As an introduction to those starting work which involves carrying out manual handling activities
  • For those returning to work where manual handling activities are required
  • As safety refresher training


This qualification contains 1 mandatory unit with a Total Qualification Time (TQT) of 7 hours. 

Learners must complete all assessments in the unit successfully within the registration period to achieve the qualification. The maximum period to achieve this qualification, including any referrals is 4 weeks.

TQT is the total number of hours required for a Learner to achieve this qualification. It has 2 elements:

  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is the time a Learner is being taught and assessed under the immediate guidance of a Trainer/Assessor, which for this qualification is 6 GLH (minimum), and 
  • The number of hours a Learner will reasonably be likely to spend in preparation and study, including assessment, as directed by, but not under the immediate guidance or supervision of a Trainer, e.g. pre-course reading, which for this qualification is 1 hour

Learning outcomes

The Learner will:

1. Understand the importance of safe manual handling. The leaner will be able to:
1.1 Recognise the potential injuries and ill health associated with incorrect manual handing
1.2 Distinguish employer’s and employee’s duties relating to manual handling at work
1.3 Identify the consequences for non-compliance with health and safety requirements at work

2. Know how manual handling risk assessments contribute to improving health and safety. The learner will be able to:
2.1 Recognise the definitions of ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ in the context of manual handling work
2.2 Identify the process for carrying out a manual handling risk assessment
2.3 Recognise the principle of the risk control hierarchy when applied to manual handling

3. Understand the principles, types of equipment and testing requirements associated with manual handling safety. The learner will be able to:
3.1 Identify safe movement principles associated with manual handling
3.2 Recognise the types of equipment designed to be used for manual handling tasks
3.3 Identify the requirements for the testing, servicing and examination of manual handling and lifting equipment

4. Be able to apply safe manual handling principles and:
4.1 Demonstrate efficient and safe manual handling principles when;
a. applying effort to, or moving a load or object manually on their own
b. using manual handling aids and equipment
c. undertaking a manual handling task as part of a team

Starts from £680.00 +VAT

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Duration: 6 hours (plus 1 hour prep)

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